LeBron a Kings Dream
by Camilla aka Amanyia

If we are forced to make decisions in our lives because of the wishes of others, then whose dreams are they! ~Amanyia

A choice LeBron James made to move from Cleveland OH, and the Cavaliers.
King James

Yes your skills bring thrills,
It's not only a game but your future,
And the time you have left on this earth.
The choice is yours to broaden your horizon,
Spread your wings and fly in any direction.

Some seem to think it's about your ego,
Don't let them feed you negativity.
They don't understand the sacrifices
You've made to be the best or,
The reason you got game and fame.
It's not your ego to blame.

You are not a chess piece nor pawn,
And moving on is only a step farther
From where you are.
Your dedication and love for the sport,
Is why you're called the King of the Court.

Fans will always be in the plan,
They're the ones who pay your salary.
So where ever you go, or what ever your choice
Let it be drama free and not feel guilty.
Keep your head up, and do what you do,
And be the best that you can be,
On any winning team, if that's YOUR dream!

 The Choice is yours...

Update: His choice to move back to Cleveland, got him that Ring! A Hometown Dream in 2016


by Camilla

"If the human attention span is about 5 minutes;
​ Is that all the patience God gave us"?

​"A Woman feels her best when her hair is done"

"Choices and Options are every mans prerogative"!

"Look at the evolution chart, or is history wrong; 
Adam and Eve or Monkeys we all were?
​"Slavery is always inspired by pure greed and selfishness".

"Getting old is easy, staying young is the challenge"

Quotes by Camilla


by Camilla aka Amanyia

Take Chances 

Take chances, for they are
Only thoughts ​of what you wish,
Live once, for it's the only
chance we get. 

Never let, "Excuse" be excused, 
Never let, "Ill Try" die,
Never give up on "Cant", 
Never let "If "slip by. 

Roar like the sea, 
Pass like the time, 
Shine like the sun, 
Live like the tree, 
Rekindle the flames of life,
Taking charge of your destiny. 

​When there's a light shining,
Just above the horizon, follow it,
Take a chance, It may lead you to a place in time, 
Somewhere you've always wanted be. 

​© 2007- Take Chances, ~Camilla  

Michael Jackson a Legacy

 by Camilla aka Amanyia

Friday June 26, 2009      
 This writing was inspired by the death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009. A compilation of titles of
​songs he has done. He was a great performer, producer, writer, and singer, who I believe was a warm, compassionate, and caring individual. It was his final performance on earth and he made a grand exit.
​ ~Camilla

Michael Jackson a Legacy by Camilla aka Amanyia

At the break of dawn I had butterflies, I scream, I cry, it was a heart breaker and I was speechless.
I felt like I had been struck by 2000 watts of lonely teardrops.
I thought you were invincible, unbreakable and whatever happens, heaven can wait.
This time around,you are not alone; I will jam with you, rock with you, and by human nature,
I will continue to shout and listen to your earth song.
Your music became another part of me, you were bad, the man, the king of rock, get it.

I smile because I remember the time you were a part of the Jackson Five.
Like ABC you tried to heal the world hoping black and white,come together singing
we are the world, and working day and night to get your music right.
I frown because others felt threatened, assumed you were in the closet, a cheater or dangerous;
even put you on the line for monkey business and being a smooth criminal....how judgmental.

​If given one more chance, don't walk away, the man in the mirror was only a reflection of your spirit.
It was the music coming from within your soul I heard; I knew you were a thriller.
And there will still be blood on the dance floor.
Michael; I cant help it, I just cant stop loving you; the way you make me feel, you rock my world. You told me don't stop til you get enough, and I will keep the faith.

Your friends Elizabeth, Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, Little Susie, Liberian girl, Ben, Superfly Sister,
The Lost Children, Speed Demon
and the Stranger in Moscow, were all just good friends.
When it's our time, will you be there to get on the dance floor, bounce off the wall to burn this disco out?

NowI wannabe startin something, I want my privacy so beat it and leave me alone.
We've had enough, they don't care about us, you can't win, you will still be judged by your skin,
childhood and money. Who is it; the ghosts who will live on through the tabloid junkie.
Michael although you are GONE TO SOON, you will not be forgotten; fly away, ease on down the road, because you have left in my heart an unforgettable Legacy.

​Rest in Peace Michael Jackson,
I Love You!

More writings and poetry in her first poetry book: Odes of Many