Ann Stovall - Restaurant Manager

The video is beautiful. It brings me back to when I got married in my living room and you sung as I walked down the hallway. You still have a beautiful voice and I love it. Great job. You still got it. Love you.

K. Harper - Lead sales

I love it and like that it is simple, with catchy lyrics and melody.

Jessie Brown - Musician

I must say this  has to be the best production of all your works. The video mirrored the song so beautifully and the lead and background vocals were in perfect pitch. The only improvement would me more modulation like a couple of key changes which always elevates the mood of the listener, otherwise excellent.

Leonard - Business Owner

I love it. You wrote a beautiful song.

Akela Nunn - Finance Manager

I liked it! I have always loved your voice and I loved the video with different couples. I would love to see you singing and speaking to a live person. I think that it would make the song so much more!

Julie Eaton
I think it is beautiful! You have an amazing voice. God bless! Love ya!

Essie Wallace - Retired Banker
You go Sis you wrote that for me love it.

Charles Anthony - Dance Instructor

Queen, love is a phenomenon that eludes the questions of what, how and why, never really giving us the perfect and true meaning, could it be a fondness generated by sight and lust, could it be a hypnotic spell cast upon an individual by ones natural beauty, well , it could be a vast amount of things all working together, something we may never truly know, but desire it fully and unconditionally, love from a distance is a fact, I believe that it's real and is used by many, love at first sight, I also believe in it, .... This song, this video, has true feelings all over it, I love everything about it, and you, I only wish that it could be masterfully produced in a professional studio to give it a mastered sound, not that it isn't already good, ... You know what I mean,... I really love how you capture the soul of your lyrics, and no matter what you sing , I always hear your message in it ... Always a Queen, you are!.... Bottom line is that this song, there.....Ain't nothing better.

Spice - Musician

As far as I am concerned you can not go wrong with this project. I just wish we were working on a project together. This song is personal for many and so, so true. Fantastic Job you two.

Yolanda Core -Nurse

I like it, you do so many great things it will be a success.

Audrey K  Humphrey
Hi Cam, love your voice, great job! I really like the opening with the young boy and girl. You are so right Nothing is Better!!! Hugs~

Mery White - Songstress
Very nice, love the song. Well done!

Kelli - Grandmother

I truly loved your Intro with the boy and Girl... your sound is soft , sensual and mellow. Beautifully done my Sister!!. I thoroughly enjoy listening. Carry On!! Big Props***** Kelli

L Beasley - Public School
 I thought the music and Video was very nice....the song itself was exceptional.... I felt like although it's your song...that you didn't believe in the song ...u were just singing.....I know that if you will let this and other songs saturate your being and believe in the song(s) it will become real to the listeners.

Skipp Young - Music
The whole concept is off the chain. Loved it. From a production standpoint there are a a couple of minor tweaks that could be done to equalize your vocal volume in your mix down. Video presentation matched your lyrics nicely.

Bill W - Visual Artist/Painter

 Hello Amanyia, Happy Valentines Day to you and thanks for sharing your creative work. The song and video are a wonderful expression of that feeling of being in love, nice job. Wishing you a wonderful day my sweet friends. Peace, blessings and much love.

J. Brazil - Musician/Songwriter

I listened to your song over and over. The song is awesome. I have some material that may be perfect for you. We should collaborate. Very nicely done.

Kenny Smith - Musician/Sound Engineer

 Nice effort, down with that "Neo Soul" feel...., good job!

A Amanyiaworld Collaboration. New music video, "Nothing Better" This song was not recorded in a professional studio. 

The music track and background vocals in this song were composed by musician Robert Gosier who resides in New Jersey.

Written lyrics and vocal track are that of Camilla who resides in Ohio, and were recorded on her desktop computer using Sony Acid.

They jelled the song by way of email. Video compilation and cover by Amanyiaworld.

This video song will be released on February 14, 2106. Thank you all for the comments.

Thanks for your support!

Comments about this song:

J Batson  - Business Owner
Good video Cam!
I enjoy your smooth, relaxed singing style.
You didn't move about too much so it wasn't distracting and the lyrics speaks to the ageless story of love - sweet unconditional love. No one says it better than you!!
I also like the backdrop of the trees in full bloom of leaves which blended well with the earthy brown color of your clothing.
You are a stickler for detail and you aced it again!

Deb Twymon - Actress

I love it!!!!! It is awesome..the words ...your voice...the way you present it, it all is perfect!!!!  Make me wanna fall in

J Grandison - Retired Laborer

Listening to your video, again, I don't know if you want to promote the video or the song. The way you sing it and the sound, I can find nothing wrong with it. You sang it great and sound awfully good. If you want to change the video, ok, but do it without changing the song and the way you sing it. It sounds great. I like the video also.

S Polk - Business Manager
The content is stellar. The images certainly convey the message; the lyrics are strong. However the vocals are not as strong as they should or could be in order for this cut to blow up like it should. ONLY MY OPINION.

M Tyler - Retired

The intro is rather long, had me waiting to hear you sing. You sound great, like a young Aretha Franklin with a touch of Millie Jackson. I would have liked for you to move a little more instead of standing still. All in all it is a nice collaboration.

Professor Carol Lawrence- U.S. Navel

Your voice and delivery are enchanting. I felt spellbound. Through your lyrics, I was taken back into the time of my teen love and also transformed into adulthood of real deep and lasting love. You sound authentic; you are telling your story through words and sounds pulling your own experiences. As they say about the blues, you can't sing about it unless you have lived it. Well, you can't really sing about real love unless you have really been in love. In a world where "talent" is so often electronically generated; electronics can't create or substitute for LOVE. I rate it a ten + out of 10. As I go about my day, I will hear your voice in my mind.

C Davis -Firefighter

I think the video and music is awesome. Your voice just does something to my soul as if you were singing directly to me. This song mixed with spoken words is huge. It's going to be success. I want the first copy.

Diane - Music Listener

My girl, you both have outdone yourselves. In a professional studio or not, I love the music, your singing and the video. Just like you; give you a string and you will create something amazing.

A. Nola - Accountant
The vocals and video were not in sync. It seems you were trying to sing to someone, but it was not real. The song felt like it was for someone else. You seem you were holding something back.

Bill - Realtor

Very nice, I like how it captures the spirit of that feeling of love and how it simply makes everything better. The vocals, lyrics and music compliment the emotion of it well.

Kenny McCorvey - Musician /Educator

I love the concept and images, very sweet, simple love song. You stated up front that this isn't a pro video, do I will critique with that in mind. I love your creativity and ability to put images together. (you sure helped me with my project for which I am so grateful). Nice soulful track that is perfect for slow dancing...the hook is very catchy and channels the neo-soul, vintage nostalgic vibe quite well; yet it grooves with today's hipness! You exude such an earthy joy for life. You have the gift to make people feel comfortable and positive. This is your honest expression of love presented in your own personal way! And the poetry break caps the song, showing that joy! My only constructive comments are...If I were your producer, I would have insisted on several more takes on the lead... I feel that you kinda held back on the second verse!  The video is also loaded with "cuteness overload"with the puppy love kids. So perfect for Valentines Day. So proud of you.

Clara Freeman - Blog Writer
Hi Amanyia, This song is beautiful -soft and melodic- makes for the perfect love song:) I've connected a few folks in my time who ask for (sometimes not, lol) my advice/thoughts. Have you sent it to radio stations/ Herb Kent is really a 'cool' gent. I got a feeling he'd play "Nothing Better"to his listeners. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting at Authentic Woman...(you certainly are) Blessings and much success. Clara

Everybody want to be loved and needed. New music video release, "Nothing Better"

A ageless story of love - sweet love. It opens with 1969 puppy love.

John White
Beautiful work. An even more beautiful message behind the lyrics.

David Wheeler Musician
Great song, well sung!

Ray El
Love this song Beautiful.The words are so true. In my opinion it's showing your heart,

Susan Myers Realtor

in this video as little girl
Wow! That was 47 years ago! I don't remember that video being made. And, to see Scotty chaperoning us! That's just so precious! Thank you for sharing this...definitely one for the library. Love, love, love the song! Simply beautiful!

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Mamma T
Beautiful!!! this brings chills to me I think about my hubby and i been married for 27 years and we meet when Iwas 16, so keep spreading love around!!

Brett Jolly  Musician
Love it....and nice vocals as well..a beautiful piece. Great job:)