Dreadlock Dave's Groovy Music Bag - Episode 4 

#10. Amanyia - Mother Baring a Cross

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Camilla aka Amanyia and Friends

Our ultimate goal is to spread the art of self expression.

This is one big jam session of collaborations. . .

Are you sitting on a creative dream;
Idling by and need a push?

Camilla aka Amanyia and friends come together on this page; which is dedicated to all the talented and inspiring, musicians, artists, actors, directors and writers of different genres that give unselfishly of themselves. In support, that we inspire and learn from each other.

"Creativity is not always solo; and it's amazing when we can create something together and make it whole or even better."

2016 Camilla lyrics and vocals "Feather Pillows" Need collaborators for this song. Music & Vocals.
​1. Robert Gosier music. 2016

2016 Camilla lyrics "We come in love we come in peace"
vocals: Camilla, Mery White, Music: Kenny McCorvey, Rod Easley.

2016 Camilla lyrics "Nothing better than love", with Robert Gosier Music "Nothing better" *(video) $$

2015- Camilla: "Pain" lyrics with Phillip Stoffer Music, "My Painful Times" *(video)

Camilla: The Blues lyrics with Kenny McCorvey Music, live ​*(video)

2014 Camilla: lyrics and vocals "I know a place where we can be free" (I know a place). with Guvenor Shyne music. New mix (not officially released)

2013- Camilla Cover art for Kenny McCorvey's "Legacy" Album

2013- Camilla lyrics and vocals "I know a place where we can be free" with Guvenor Shyne music (not officially released), demo played on UK radio 2014, good feedback.

​2012- Camilla: "Don't let your dreams fly away" lyrics and vocals with Ron Henison: "Missing Queens" music *(video) 

2010- Camilla:  "Grammys" co-written with Mery White
with, Tommy Portis 4us: music (not released)

2010 Camilla: " sample "Quality time"  lyrics and vocals
with "Message" music by: Sun Circuit 

2010- Camilla: "Booty call" lyrics and vocals
with Jeff McElrath: music (not released)

2009- Camilla: "Country boy's song" lyrics and vocals,
with Jeff McElrath: music *(video)

2009 Camilla lyric and vocal sample with Sun Circuit Music "Message"

2009- Camilla: "Beautiful you" co-written and vocals
with Tony West and Louis Lacey: music *Version 2 

2009- Camilla: * "Family" lyrics and vocals
with Kevin Callaghan: music 

2010- Camilla: "Human" co written lyrics and vocals
with Chestcott Thorp: music (not released) Chestcott R.I.P 2014

2008- Camilla: "Loving a good man" lyrics and vocals
with Brett Jolly: music *(video) 

2008-2009- Camilla: "Talk to me"  lyrics and vocals, 
​"Work that skirt": co-written with  AKube music (not released)

​2007- Camilla: "Look your love over" lyrics and vocals with, Michael Eggleton: music (not released)

1989- Background vocals "I'm not going anywhere without you" written by Darrell Campbell  (video)

Tribute to artist Tony West, R.I.P "Beautiful You"  Version 1 Collaboration with Louis Lacey,
Last Music Standing, ​Tony West and co lyrics and vocals by Camilla