Note from Camilla:

I call myself a creationalist and define myself as undeniably human and capable of many things. No, the word (creationalist) is not in the dictionary, but if we use it enough, it will be added.

I would like to answer the question for a few followers that may be wondering . . . Why the name Amanyia? (Ah-Man-Yah) and the transition back to using your real name.

The reason I chose that creative name Amanyia is; in the industry you could use a pseudonym name; it was different and kept those curious tongues active.  Not that I wanted to be incognito; it was a conversation piece.

Although I have transitioned back to using my birth name Camilla; and thought it would be easier to pronounce;  people continue to pronounce it wrongly too. I don't get offended; I answer to them all.


The young say, woman you’re too old to be performing. Well one thing I can say about me is; I'm a humble Indie Artist making my way through a jungle of amazement! I’m never too old to enjoy being creative, writing songs or making sounds. And, I am also a YouTube performer.

Presently I am working in my home studio, writing, recording and collaborating on other recording projects.

Reward & Appreciation

My reward is sharing my creative works with others, in hope they too become inspired by their creativity. 

I embrace and enjoy collaborating with other artist, photographers, singers, songwriters and thespians.

I greatly appreciate family, friends, and followers for all their support, and the willing subjects in, Enjoy the Moments video snippets projects and

only to make you smile, animated projects. 

 The pleasure has been exceptional, working with some very talented individuals in the art and entertainment world, and I hope to work with many more. You make my purpose all the more special! ​

"Low key and excited about most things creative;

the entire world inspires me".

Spokenword / Poetry / Music

A self published author, her first book of poetry, 

Odes of Many  came to life in 2012.

Camilla's spokenwords are from story telling to thought provoking. Her writing styles are a bit metaphoric, but all about love, life, reality and a few world issues we all can relate to. Vocally her voice is said to be sultry. Now that's deep!

Artistically she believe there are no rules when creating your own, sound, colours or movement.

A self taught electronic musician, she plays no musical instruments. Using only a desktop computer she arranges musical loops to create backdrops which are used for many of her lyrical words.

Camilla attempted her first homemade CD project entitled, "My Spoken Words " A vocal mix of stories that was anxiously self-released in 2008 under the pseudonym name Amanyia.  
First copy sold in France.
It’s now distributed in digital formats by;
CDBaby and Amazon in both the USA and UK.

She is also looking forward to the release of her new reggae single, ‘I Know A Place’ another digital download by Wadadda Muzik Ltd.

Musically it continues to be a learning process
for her.
The genres she tackles includes: Spoken Word/ Neo Soul/ Jazz/ R’n’B/ Reggae/ Experimental/ Freestyle/ Pop/ Rock and Hip Hop

Stage & Film

Camilla ventured into the world of playwrights, screenwriters and actors in 2010, and has been fortunate to work on several stage play productions, commercials, film and voice over projects.

Her debut as a theatrical actress in 2011 was a two women script, "Need More Time Thanks" by Yula Grey that was performed at the University of Akron's Guzzetta Hall.


Camilla's appearance on national television began in 2013, the  Hoarders show, Season 6, episode #78
on  A&E Channel, Jeff/Merlene an intervention program. Re-runs  are currently being broadcasted on Lifetime Channel, Youtube and Netflix.
Her works are shared via live performances, social media and digitally. 

​Established brands:
opoaa.comA contribution to Black History