Biography: Camilla aka Amanyia, Spoken Word/ Poetry/ Music/ Videography/ Photography


Born Camilla Warren on the 1st of February 1958 and the last sprout of 18 children from Akron, Ohio; her Momma wanted at least one of her off-springs to explore the art world, act up and perform. Creatively she had been using her pseudonym name Amanyia; (Ah-man-yah), and has now transitioned back to (Camilla).  The mood swings that Camilla calls creative thoughts, inspire anything from song writing, computer generated music tracks, poetry, photography, digital graphics, videos and animations that capture real life moments.

Camilla is always in a creative mode and willing to collaborate with other creative artists of the world.  

When ask to perform in front of a live audience, I too get butterflies every time.​ ​