"It's my life's purpose to express emotions and be all over the place" 

Art, Music, Spoken Words/Poetry, Photography

"What you see and hear can determine how you feel"

Welcome to AmanyiaWorld

I couldn't be more pleased and Blessed that you've found my Official website!


 Whether I'm sitting at my computer working on a new project or out in the world capturing moments of people, places and things, this is the one place you can always come to know the latest with me and my creative works. For your entertainment. Enjoy!

Latest Works

Nakeya The Instrumental
This is one of my Night owl tunes, inspired by my daughter. Take a listen

Interview with Willie Morrow
400 years without a comb author speak about the history of black hair care.  

Defacing - Graffiti
Graffiti artist who leave their marks. Photography and Video by Amanyia